Research project

P-HeLiCS Superfluidità in onda p in miscele eteronucleari di litio e cromo ultrafreddi (DFM.AD002.072)

Thematic area

Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Scienze e tecnologie quantistiche (DFM.AD002)

Structure responsible for the research project

National Institute of Optics (INO)

Project manager

Phone number: 0554572474


Topological superfluids and superconductors are among the most intriguing many-body states in contemporary physics. However, topological superconductivity/superfluidity in electronic matter and 3He remain highly debated and their realization extremely challenging. This owes to the fragile nature of such phases, that makes them extremely sensitive to impurity scattering that causes pair breaking.
In P-HeLiCS we will investigate unconventional superfluidity on a conceptually new framework realized by a Fermi mixture of ultracold Lithium and Chromium atoms in the regime of strong attraction near an s-wave Feshbach resonance. The existence of a quasi-bound three-body Cr-Cr-Li state with p-wave character above the three-atom collision threshold will uniquely enable a resonantly enhanced p-wave attraction between identical Cr fermions, mediated by the Lithium atoms. As such, the resulting p-wave superfluid can feature high critical temperatures. The thorough investigation of this novel system will be accomplished through state-of-the-art techniques, and the success of P-HeLiCS will provide new fundamental insights into topological superfluidity within a robust and simple platform.

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gas ultrafreddi, superfluidità in onda p, fermioni fortemente correlati

Last update: 15/06/2024