Research project

BigDataGrapes - Big Data to Enable Global Disruption of the Grapevine-powered Industries (DIT.AD004.068)

Thematic area

Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

Project area

Dati, Contenuti e Media (DIT.AD004)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute of information science and technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

Project manager

Phone number: +39 050 621 2993


Big data is becoming a hype that is going to completely redefine industries within very traditional sectors like agriculture, food and beauty. The emergence of niche big data companies like Enolytics ("bringing big data insights to the wine industry") is threatening to disrupt these industries against the interests of the EU. BigDataGrapes wants to build upon the rich historical, cultural and artisan heritage of Europe in order to change this picture. It aims to support all European companies active in two key industries powered by grapevines: the wine industry and the natural cosmetics one. It will help them respond to the significant opportunity that big data is creating in their relevant markets, by pursuing two ambitious goals: a. To develop and demonstrate powerful, rigorously tested, cross-sector data processing technologies that go beyondthe- state-of-the-art towards increasing the efficiency of companies that need to take important business decisions dependent on access to vast and complex amounts of data, and assess them in challenges informed by the grapevinepowered industries. b. To create a large-scale, mulifaceted marketplace for grapevine-related data assets.

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Grapevine-powered industries, Agriculture, Food, Beauty, Cross-sector Technologies

Last update: 01/10/2023