Research project


Thematic area

Physical sciences and technologies of matter

Project area

Sistemi e materiali complessi, materia soffice, biofisica e reti (DFM.AD004)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute for photonics and nanotechnologies (IFN)

Project manager

Phone number: 02/23996075


This proof of concept (PoC) project is connected to the ERC grant awarded to Prof. Manuela Raimondi for the development of three-dimensional scaffolds for stem cells growth, where IFN-CNR is in charge of the scaffold microfabrication. To explore the possibility of an economic exploitation of this invention (covered by an Italian Patent submitted in September 2015 and already extended as PCT), the goal of the PoC is to perform a technical and commercial feasibility to move the method developed during the ERC-CoG grant to the market. In particular, we plan to speed up the maturity level of the technology, further advancing its production process, and to assess the market opportunities in view of identifying the suitable exploitation strategy for valorising the patent/know how.

Start date of activity



3D scaffolds, two-photon polymerization, stem cells.

Last update: 08/12/2023