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PerformFISH - Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain (DIT.AD005.036)

Thematic area

Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

Project area

e-Infrastructure (DIT.AD005)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute of information science and technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

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Phone number: +39 050 621 2902


Gilthead sea bream and European sea bass are by volume the third and fourth most farmed fish species in the EU, while their collective value surpasses that of salmon, trout or mussel. These two species are farmed and contribute significantly to wealth and job creation in rural and coastal areas in all EU Mediterranean countries. However, production of sea bream/bass in the EU has remained stagnant for the last decade and the industry faces significant sustainability challenges. The overarching objective of PerformFISH is to increase the competitiveness of Mediterranean aquaculture by overcoming biological, technical and operational issues with innovative, cost-effective, integrated solutions, while addressing social and environmental responsibility and contributing to "Blue Growth". PerformFISH adopts a holistic approach constructed with active industry involvement to ensure that Mediterranean marine fish farming matures into a modern dynamic sector, highly appreciated by consumers and society for providing safe and healthy food with a low ecological footprint, and employment and trade in rural, peripheral regions.


Building a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) to Host and Manage Project Data.
After extensive review by the partnership of VRE options, the D4Science data infrastructure was selected as the most suitable for this project. The "as-a service" delivery model facilities which allows for controlled confidential shared workspaces (on-line repository areas where datasets can be stored, accessed and shared by groups of users according to defined project policies) was seen as ideal for PerformFISH.
D4Science will manage the access to data, to the private users' information and to algorithms through Virtual Research Environments (VREs), web accessible environments tailored to satisfy the specific working needs of identified groups of users sharing common objectives. According to the analysis of the technical requirements it is expected to build:
- A set of VREs offering workspace capabilities for supporting the collection, management and controlled sharing of datasets;
- A VRE supporting KPI data analysis and benchmarking based on scientific data. It will include state-of-the art complex statistical models, e.g. Artificial Neural Networks, Principal Component Analysis and Maximum Entropy.

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Aquaculture, Fisheries, Virtual Research Environment

Last update: 03/06/2023