Research project

INCIPIT H2020 (DSB.AD008.158)

Thematic area

Biomedical sciences

Project area

Tecnologie Applicate alle Scienze Biomediche (DSB.AD008)

Structure responsible for the research project

Department Biomedical sciences

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Phone number: 0649933714


INCIPIT is a novel international PhD programme in the South of Italy, which aims at providing innovative multidisciplinary and intersectoral training in the field of Life and Biomaterial Sciences. Currently, there are several nodes of excellence in the South of Italy, capable of providing competitive scientific training. However, comprehensive training programmes addressing multidisciplinarity, transferable skills and internationalization are lacking. INCIPIT addresses this gap by pooling the expertise of eight institutes of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), two Doctoral Schools (Biomolecular Sciences of the Second University of Naples and Chemical Sciences of the University of Catania.) and several academic, non-profit and industrial Partner Organizations. The ultimate goal is to train the next generation of researchers to pursue multi-sectoral career paths and to become a very attractive source of employment in both the Italian and European labour markets.


The main objectives of INCIPIT are: 1) to recruit 35 PhD students; 2) to guarantee a transparent and equitable selection procedure, based on merit and on equal opportunities, taking into account the gender balance and career breaks; and 3) to provide a supportive, stimulating and multidisciplinary research environment, complemented with a comprehensive training on transferable skills and exposure to the industry sector, together providing the PhD students with all the tools and trainings, enabling them to fulfil their tasks and objectives.

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PhD programme, Life Sciences, multidisciplinarity

Last update: 14/07/2024