Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie per l'Energia e la Mobilità Sostenibili (STEMS)

Research activities

The research activity of STEMS is carried out in the framework of the following eight research areas:

- Decarbonization and Energy Transition: The goal is the set up of processes and technologies able to achieve a progressive replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

- Solutions for Sustainable Mobility: The goal is the study of innovative solutions to support mobility with ever-increasing levels of automation and connectivity, to improve traffic safety and efficiency, to reduce consumption and pollution and make the road a safer environment.

- Development of Sustainable Technologies and Circular Economy: The goal is the development of technologies for the transition to a circular economy, with waste and resource consumption reduction and with an incentive for recovery and reuse.

- Digital Transition in Energy, Transport and Agriculture Sectors: The goal is the development of technologies for the collection, communication and processing of large amounts of data for a transformation in the ways of production, distribution and use of any tangible or intangible asset.

- Sustainable Propulsion for Transport, Off-Road and Operating Machines: The goal is to develop solutions for a sustainable transport system as regards environmental, social and economic terms.

- Innovative Catalytic Processes and Advanced Materials: The goal is the development and characterization of materials /catalysts capable of providing solutions for specific physical /chemical processes, to avoid /reduce the use of critical raw materials and optimize existing technologies.

- Safety of Processes, Plants and Machines: The goal is the development of methodologies for the analysis of accidental risk and the prevention and mitigation of accidental situations: "Process safety", "Functional Safety", and "Risk Assessment".

- Procedures for the Development of Regulations and New Certification Strategies: The activities are aimed at industry, CE, international and National Ministries for the development of procedures, laws and standards.