Institutes for complex systems (ISC)


The Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) was officially introduced to the public March 17 th 2004 in the "G.Marconi" conference hall of CNR (Rome).

The scientific objective of the new Institute of Complex Systems is the study of the behaviour of systems constituted by many and different elements that interact between themselves, elements may often be invisible to the traditional approaches: they in fact can be atoms or bacteria in a physical or biological context, but can be also people, cars or enterprises in an economic context.

Highly visible examples are complex networks such as the internet or the world-wide-web, that how represent the base of personal, commercial and military communications, though they have the incredible characteristic of being unplanned and without a central authority.
Topics of study are many: Google, computer viruses and also robots capable of intelligent behaviour and of interacting with others.

The subject of Complex Systems is widely researched and intrinsically interdisciplinary. In Italy it is already represented by various groups of appreciable international value. The institute proposes to integrate the activities of these groups and others that have expressed interest in a system with notable critical mass and capacity to act in both strategic and innovative applied scientific.