Institute for studies on the Mediterranean (ISMed)


Services provided

The Institute has a website ( which offers an online consultation service and presents concise information on commissions, conferences, initiatives and publications of the Institute. On the same site, and in particular on the staff web pages, some individual staff research papers are available and downloadable in pdf. Furthermore, the catalogue of the ISSM library, holding some 15.000 books specialized in the research fields of the Institute, can be consulted online. Because of the lack of space, access and loan of books are at present allowed only to the Institute's researchers and partially, subject to authorization, outside researchers. The fields in which the library is specialized are the following: economics, international economics, development economics, Mediterranean geography, economic geography, history, economic history, history of Southern Italy, demography, finance, public institutions. The person in charge of the library is Mr. Giovanni Canitano, ph. 081-6134086 ext. 225 (e-mail: Papers on these areas of research are published in the "Quaderni dell'ISSM". The Institute also has a video production department managed by Mr. Vincenzo Romano, an associate of the Institute. The video department realizes documentaries for educational purposes using images as instruments of documentation, analysis, and communication. The department has very sophisticated equipment and it has produced many scientific documentaries. In addition to the library catalogue, there is also the online "Economie Mediterranee" database, which constitutes one of the main sources in the realization of the "Report on the Mediterranean Economies" published annually by the Insitute. It presents updated statistical data on the economies of the Mediterranean (population, national economic data, environment, energy, etc.). The publications are available in Excel format and easily downloadable.