Institute for animal production system in mediterranean environment (ISPAAM)


The training offer is focused on preparing scientific and technical staff to be integrated in public and private sectors with research/applicative job. Areas of training are centered on the ISPAAM research lines described in other sections. Many are the experimental thesis that have been realized at ISPAAM, demonstrating the strong interaction of the Institute with various Universities. About 100 graduate students, from Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Università del Sannio, Università di Sassari and Università di Siena have conducted part of their PhD thesis or graduation thesis in the Institute laboratories. Educational activity for young researchers was also developed taking advantage of scholarship/research & training contracts (from UE, CNR, Campania and Sardinia Regions). Finally, ISPAAM has contributed to train investigators from other scientific institutions of Mediterranean (Tunisia, Syria, Egypt and Morocco), Eastern Europe (Russia, Montenegro, Poland, Albania and Romania), South America (Peru) and Asian (Iran, Iraq and the Philippines) countries.