Institute for animal production system in mediterranean environment (ISPAAM)


- Chemical/bromatological analyses of forages and chemical analysis of water and soil (contact: Maddalena Sassu, ph. +39 0792841615)
- Element analysis with atomic absorption spectroscopy (contact: Simonetta Bullitta, ph. +39 0792841605)
- Analysis of plant secondary metabolites (contact: Giovanna Piluzza, ph. +39 0792841608)
- Seed analysis and seed bank (contact: Antonello Franca, ph. +39 079229332)
- Proteomic analysis of biological samples from species having veterinary/agricultural interest (contacts: Chiara D'Ambrosio or Simona Arena, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Mass spectometry analysis of biomolecules (contacts: Anna Maria Salzano or Giovanni Renzone, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Cytogenetic analysis of breeding stock with karyotype certification (contact: Leopoldo Iannuzzi, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Cytogenetic maps by FISH analysis (contact: Viviana Genualdo, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Environmental cytogenetic testing of animals reared in high-risk areas (contact: Angela Perucatti, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Animal production diet formulation (contact: Fiorella Sarubbi, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Animal food characterization (contact: Fiorella Sarubbi, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Antinutritional and toxic compond analysis in foods for zootechnical use and in animal products (contact: Giuseppe Maglione, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Development of models of production functions and livestock management (contact: Franca Polimeno, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Mono and bi-dimensional electrophoretic analysis (contact: Gianfranco Novi, ph. +39 0815966006)
- Physiological stress analysis in farm animals (contact: Stefania Spagnuolo, ph. +39 0815966006)