Institute for informatics and telematics (IIT)


IIIT carries out activities of research, assessment, technological transfer and training in the field of Information and Communications Technologies and in the sector of computational sciences. The exponential growth of the Internet, of its services and applications, appears to be relentless and gives us a glimpse of new and fascinating, as yet unexplored, scenarios of research and development. The Internet is increasingly present and pervasive, also in new models of application such as Smart Cities and Communities, constantly reinforcing its role of strategic element for the social, cultural and economic growth of humanity.

Within this scenario, IIT is well positioned with its consolidated know-how in algorithmics and in areas of research and development, such as the "Internet of things" and "Internet of services". These range from high speed, mobile and pervasive networks, to issues of security and privacy, to innovative web technologies, but which also include new ICT aspects concerning the Internet Governance. In march 2013 the Support Unit of IIT CNR at the University of Calabria in Rende (Cosenza) was instituted.

All activities are almost completely externally financed. This is by means of participation in research programmes of the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, Tuscany Region and of other Public Administrations, along with important collaborations with the private sector.

IIT, through the Registry .it, is responsible for registering and managing dot .it Internet domains (ISO 3166). With over 3.123.839 domain names registered in the ccTLD "it", it represents a crucial activity for spreading Internet culture in Italy.

IIT includes the following research groups and service structures:

o Ubiquitous Internet (Research)
o Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet (Research)
o Algorithms and Computational Mathematics (Research)
o Web Applications for the Future Internet (Research)
o Taxonomies, thesauri and classification systems (Research)
o .it Registry (Service)
o Internet Services and Technological Development (Service)
o Infrastructures and services for the Telematic network of CNR Pisa (Service)

Overall, IIT CNR has, at 2017/10/31, 191 units of staff including 42 researchers, 25 technologists, 15 research associates, 30 research fellows, 63 units of technical and administrative staff, 15 collaborators.