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Paolo Ravazzani, MS in Electronic Engineering and Ph.D. in Bioengineering, is Research Director of the National Research Council. Since December 2018 he is serving as Director of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineering CNR IEIIT. His scientific interests are related to the study of the applications of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in medicine and health, to their characterization for biomedical systems and devices, to the study of methods for the evaluation of exposure of electromagnetic fields at low frequencies and microwaves and to the study the possible health impact of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Recently, he served as Scientific Coordinator of the ELFSTAT Multicentric International Project "Indepth evaluation of children''''s exposure to ELF (40-800 Hz)" magnetic fields and implications for health risk of new technologies (2015-2019) ", with the participation of two other international partners (Switzerland and France) and which is financed by the French ANSES agency. Moreover he ha sbeen member of the Project Executive Committee of the European FP7 GERONIMO Project "Generalized EMF Research using Novel Methods" (2014-2018), in which he also coordinated the activities related to the work package "Input to future risk management and communication processes and advice on -technological means to reduce exposure ". He coordinated the activities of the work package "Exposure matrix for children including power lines, transformers and near-field sources" of the European FP7 ARIMMORA Project "Advanced Research on Interaction Mechanisms of electro-Magnetic exposures with Organisms for Risk Assessment" (2011-2015). He served also as Scientific Coordinator of four other projects of the European Commission, now concluded, on issues related to exposure to electromagnetic fields from low to high frequencies: EFHRAN (2009-2012), EMF-NET (2004-2008), EMFnEAR (2004-2007), GUARD (2002-2004). Paolo Ravazzani is author, at August 24, 2019, of 179 scientific products (source Elsevier Scopus), with an h-Index of 24.