Institute of chemistry of organometallic compounds (ICCOM)


The Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds has the necessary human resources, technical skills and know-how to deliver, when requested by either the public or private sectors, appropriate consulting services, modeling and validation processes, prototype and equipment construction and various other services including analytical, synthetic, and functional modeling over a range of different chemical and chemical-physical disciplines.
Inorganic, organic, analytical, theoretical and computational chemistry skills together with coordination, organometallic and macromolecular chemistry combined with expertise in determining structure-property relationships and specific experience in separation techniques, experience of analysis, interpretation and treatment of infrared spectroscopy data, visible, ultraviolet and MRIs, both nuclear and electronic allow ICCOM researchers to respond to a range of needs that users of public and private origin can manifest.
Specific management of instruments and services are available in each of the different territorial sections which make up the Institute. Below some information is given about the services provided in 2014, indicating next to the type of service provided, the name of a contact person responsible to which the service refers and includes contact details:

Florence Headquarters:
Dr. Pierluigi Barbaro
Tel 055.522.5287
Service: NMR Spectroscopy

Mr Carlo Bartoli
Tel 055.522.5215 - 5214
Service: Construction of autoclaves for reactions under high pressure, design and / or construction of small laboratory prototypes, installation of laboratory gas piping, general machining in the mechanical workshop.

Dr. Andrea Ienco
Service: X-ray diffraction laboratory, identification of crystalline phases, semi-quantitative estimation and quantitative determination of crystalline phases both at room temperature and at temperatures ranging up to 1200 ° C.

Dr. Francesca Liguori
Service: GC-MS analysis

Dr. Werner Oberhauser
Service: X-ray powder diffraction laboratory, GC-MS analysis, HPLC analysis

UOS Pisa:
MaRS-Lab (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Laboratory)
Dr Lucia Calucci
Dr. Silvia Pizzanelli,
Dr. Claudia Forte
Service: Solid state NMR, EPR, development of methods for the analysis in the fields of materials science and biochemistry.

Dr Elisa Passaglia
Tel 050/918203
Service: Synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials

Mr Massimo Onor
tel 050/3152560
Service: Qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry analysis using GC-MS for the determination of toxic elements and their speciation in biological, food and environmental matrices. HPLC (IC) -ICP-MS.

Mr Roberto Spiniello
Tel. 050/3152554
Service: Thermal analysis of polymeric materials

Mr Marco Mascherpa
Tel. 050/3152559
Service: Analytical atomic spectroscopy. Preparation and processing of samples for analysis using microwave mineralization. Production ultrapure water and the management of purification equipment.

UOS Bari:
Dr. Cosimo Cardellicchio
Tel 080/5442077 - 080/5442051
Service: NMR spectroscopy and advanced analytical separation of enantiomers by chiral HPLC.

Dr. Antonio Cardone
Tel. 080-75443598
Service: MALDI-TOF spectrometry and organic synthesis using microwave reactors