Human mobility and Namibian family transformation

Il 22/05/2018 ore 10.00 - 13.00

Cnr - Issm
via Cardinale Sanfelice, 8 - Napoli
Sala Luigi De Rosa 7° piano

locandina evento
locandina evento

The seminar aims at presenting the findings of the doctoral studies in order to stimulate the academic debate on the socio – economic impact of migration. Migrants are seen as social actors, or agents, who confront structural socio-economic contexts, which offer both constraints and opportunities. Starting from the migration history of the participants, the migration experience has been grounded "in the social, historical, local and interactional context", it appears that rural to urban migration is not simply the outcome of a family rational calculation between current costs and expected economic gains resulting from the member movement, but a social act that sees the interaction of a plurality of actors, ultimately affecting their social and economic life. Women empowerment is the most relevant finding of the study; it is twofold, both as self-acknowledgment of the new role played by the women in the family and in the community, and as result of the male recognition of the transformation occurred in the traditional gender role. The modification of the individual and collective gender perceptions indicates that the movement, through the reflexive assessment of the migrants' experience, modifies the existing social structures. Shifting the emphasis to the migrants' personal motivations beyond the economic returns, as suggested, offers an unconventional explanation of the drivers of migration providing an additional interpretative instrument for both scholars and policy makers

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Cnr Issm

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Bruno Venditto
Cnr - Istituto di studi sulle società del mediterraneo
via Cardinale Sanfelice, 8 - Napoli

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