INDEX: a new paradigm in cancer diagnostics

Il 11/10/2017 ore 10.00 - 12.00

Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche
Area della Ricerca di Milano 1
Via Corti 12, 20133 Milano
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On October, 11th the Institute of Chemistry of Molecolar Recognition (Icrm-Cnr), will officially celebrate the beginning of project INDEX, hosting the kick off meeting and a work-shop open to public to introduce exosomes and their importance and applications in diagnostics.

Project INDEX- Integrated Nanoparticle isolation and Detection system for complete on-chip analysis of EXosomes- founded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 FET-Open program (Future and Emerging Technologies) will represent a new paradigm in non-invasive cancer diagnosis.

The aim of INDEX is to isolate and characterize nanoparticles, available in bodily fluids, called 'exosomes', known to mediate communication between cells, that recently received attention for their potential as diagnostic biomarkers. Project INDEX will integrate novel technological breakthroughs, providing in-depth, multi-parameter characterization of the particles through digital counting, size determination, and biological phenotyping.

Project INDEX, once completed, will deliver an integrated, robust, quantitative, high-throughput, and low-cost technology with unprecedented capabilities for cancer diagnosis and will also represent a potential future technology for other applications involving nanoparticles.

The project will involve the participation of six partners, leaders in the fields of biosensing, physics, microfluidics, electrical and medical engineering: Institute of Chemistry of Molecolar Recognition (Milan, Italy), The Trustees of Boston University (Usa), Institut Curie (France), Aalborg University (Denmark), Fluigent SA (France) and HansaBioMed Life Sciences (Estonia).

INDEX, founded with 3 milions euro, will last 36 months and will be coordinated and leaded by Marcella Chiari, research director at Icrm-Cnr.

Organizzato da:
Istituto di chimica del riconoscimento molecolare-Cnr

Referente organizzativo:
Marcella Chiari
Cnr - Istituto di chimica del riconoscimento molecolare
Via Mario Bianco, 9
20131 Milano

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