ENVIMAT 2017 ENVironment - MATerial Interaction

Dal 27/06/2017 ore 09.00 al 29/06/2017 ore 18.30

Department of Geotechnis and Enginnering Geology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)


The IV International Summer School, preventive conservation of built heritage and industrial archaeology, will combine understanding of the impact of pollution and climate change on the built heritage, discussing also the materials used in Industrial Heritage buildings and architectural development.

Addressed to: scientists, architects, engineers, archaeologists, site curators, Cultural Heritage managers, conservators, restorers, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows


  • Characterization and provenance of building materials
  • Deterioration processes of building materials in outdoor environments
  • Climate and pollution changes and their effects on building materials
  • Mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Archaeological sites, conservation and the visitor
  • Archaeological sites and their sheltering

The conference is designed to provide an informal and interactive environment between students and lecturers and will also include interactive sessions and a field study visit to historical breweries of Budapest and limestone quarries.
The lecturers, hand-picked from the international arena, are world renowned experts in building materials and their interactions with the environment, including pollution and climate change.

The school is jointly organized by Isac-Cnr, Università della Calabria, G.A.BE.C., AIAr and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Organizzato da:
Department of Geotechnics and Engieering Geology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (Isac-Cnr), Università della Calabria, G.A.BE.C., AIAr

Referente organizzativo:
Alessandra Bonazza
Via Gobetti, 101 Bologna 40129

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