CNR Research Ethics and Bioethics Committee Opinions

The following documents are currently under elaboration:

  • “Quality of scientific data and the so-called Fake Data phenomenon in the sciences” (Rapporteur: Maria Luisa Rastello; Scientific Secretariat: Silvia Scalzini, LUISS Guido Carli);
  • “Ethics of research on human subjects in the engineering sector” (Rapporteurs: Elisabetta Cerbai and Vittorio Marchis; Scientific Secretariat: to be defined);
  • “Big Data in the health sector: Ethical and legal issues” (Rapporteurs: Francesco Maria Pizzetti and Lorenza Violini; Scientific Secretariat: Laura Milita and Silvia Scalzini, LUISS Guido Carli);
  • Research ethics in neuroscience and neuropharmacology” (Rapporteur: Lucio Annunziato; Scientific Secretariat: Elena Mancini);
  • “Research on human remains” (Rapporteurs: Louis Godart and Cinzia Caporale; Scientific Secretariat: Giorgia Adamo);
  • “Environmental research ethics” (Rapporteurs: Ombretta Di Giovine and Giovanni Maria Flick; Scientific Secretariat: Ilja Richard Pavone);
  • “Communication of scientific knowledge: Guidelines for researchers” (Rapporteur: Armando Massarenti; Scientific Secretariat: Roberta Martina Zagarella);
  • “Ethical perspectives regarding evaluation criteria of scientific research” (Rapporteur: Vittorio Marchis; Scientific Secretariat: Roberta Martina Zagarella);
  • “Incidental Findings in the natural and social sciences” (Rapporteur: Federica Migliardo; Scientific Secretariat: Marco Annoni);
  • “Authorship” (Rapporteurs: Cinzia Caporale and Daniele Fanelli; Scientific Secretariat: Silvia Scalzini, LUISS Guido Carli);

Codes and Guidelines



  • Ethical advisory reports to the President of the CNR on several cases of alleged research misconduct regarding the fabrication/falsification/plagiarism of images/data/texts in scientific articles, examined by the Research Ethics and Bioethics Committee. The alleged cases regarded personnel of CNR or, in some cases, personnel of universities or research institutions, these latter upon request of the Deans or Presidents of the involved organizations.

Last update: 28/06/2019