TED is a non profit organization whose goal is perfectly epitomized by their motto, ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. The first TED Conference, held in 1984, included a demo of the compact disc and a preview of the Apple MacintoshA TED Conference now takes place every year in Vancouver and speakers are invited to present their ideas in 18 minutes maximum. Their talks are then archived on ted.com [1] and published on the web, one talk every weekday. The TED YouTube channel already has reached more than 2 billion views. In the mood of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, TED promotes the TEDx program, which consists in a series of local events, independently organized all around the world, granted by a TED license, with the purpose of gathering communities, organizations, people so they can all live a TED-like experience.


TEDxCNR is a global communication event, the first TEDx ever held by an Italian Research Institution. Its primary goal is sharing new visions and models across all fields of the cutting edge research activity developed by CNR (National Research Council) and its partners.The most prominent exponents of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ spread their worthy ideas in 18 minutes. It's going to be a unique experience, a meeting with the unknown to find out what the future has in store for us. Food, medicine, quality of life, sport, economy, environment, art, fashion and music. All at the service of science and viceversa.



Michele Muccini, Curator and Organizer , email:michele.muccini@tedxcnr.com
Andrea Pauri, Co-organizer, email: andrea.pauri@tedxcnr.com 
Roberta Ribera, Communication, email: roberta.ribera@tedxcnr.com 
Laura Credidio, Marketing, email:laura.credidio@tedxcnr.com 


Last update: 16/11/2017