Progetto di ricerca

PRIN 2020 IdeARG (VERBANIA) (DTA.AD002.751)

Area tematica

Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

Area progettuale

Gestione sostenibile ed efficiente delle risorse naturali, degli ecosistemi e della biodiversità (DTA.AD002)

Struttura responsabile del progetto di ricerca

Istituto di ricerca sulle acque (IRSA)

Responsabile di progetto

Telefono: 0323518300


The project uses the expertise of its three units in a collaborative effort for a holistic approach to the questions: Antimicrobial resistance in the environment (CNR-IRSA), horizontal gene transfer (University of Milano) and metagenomics analysis (University of Napoli Federico II). First, large genome contigs will be assemble from sediments and WWTP outflows to identify DNA fractions with most ARGs and the bacteria caring them. Then an isolation campaign will be conducted to have pure cultures of ARG containing freshwater bacteria. Using both natural communities and strains experiments on horizontal gene transfer and bacterial fitness related to the maintenance of ARGs will be conducted. ARG sequences from databases, the environment and strains will be used to build a phylogeny of the most important ARGs to estimate the evolutionary relatedness of clinical and environmental ARGs. All in all, the data will help to evaluate the risk that freshwater environments pose in the spread of AMR.

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Parole chiave

Identificazione e isolamento, resistenza antibiotici, batteri acqua dolce

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