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Human Centered AI Masters DA CANCELLARE (DIT.AD001.154)

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Ingegneria, ICT e tecnologie per l'energia e i trasporti

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Dispositivi e Sistemi ICT (DIT.AD001)

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Istituto di calcolo e reti ad alte prestazioni (ICAR)

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Telefono: 0649933663


There is a need to increase the number of specialist AI engineers that would enable the deployment of AI throughout society. While most AI programmes in the EU focus on the broad, academic aspects of AI, there is a pressing need for engineers that understand the compromises that have to be made when designing and implementing AI solutions. A mere understanding of how AI works is not enough in today's society. AI engineers also need the capabilities to assess and understand the impact of the AI solutions on organisations, users, and society as a whole. Combining the educational and research expertise of four universities across Europe with the academic and industrial know-how obtained from three Centres of Excellence and three SMEs, this project aims to design and deliver a Masters Programme of 60 ECTS in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.


Core parts of this Programme are a central role for the Ethics of AI, hands-on training with participating SMEs, and a modular design of the programme, where all modules will be made available for other universities to use. To make the Masters programme's content widely available, modules will be made available online at the Digital Skills and Jobs Core Service Platform. Module's content will be translated into all EU languages using the CEF Automated Translation Building Block service.

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Intelligenza Artificiale, Master

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