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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Rischi ambientali, naturali e antropici (DTA.AD003)

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Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)

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Telefono: 0645488309


SHAREMED will assess and address the increasing presence of coexisting environmental threats that propagate in space and time also across political boundaries, from transactional coordinated actions based on evidence-rooted common understanding.
In particular, SHAREMED will:
- engage stakeholders and authorities, and jointly define state-of-the-art and regional strategies;
- collate and harmonise existing info, data and knowledge and contribute to joint production of a database of coherent data;
- define common procedures and jointly produce atlas of state and hazard maps;
- integrate existing observing infrastructures in a common transnational system of systems and jointly disseminate observations through common portals;
- enhance forecast capabilities through development and implementation of coastal high resolution transnational systems;
- explore potential of new observing methodologies;
- define roadmaps, guidelines, action plans.


The project aims to increase the capability of Mediterranean regional, subregional and local authorities and of research community to jointly assess and address hazards related to pollution and environmental threats in Mediterranean transnational waters. This will enhance the capability to produce and deliver coherent and jointly produced assessments on important issues like pollution (marine litter), changes in trophic regimes (eutrophication/oligotrophication), weather/climate change (marine heat waves, warming, acidification), as well as increasing the possibility to find, access, and use existing data and information on those issues, serving the needs of national responsible entities, stakeholders and a range of users. The activity will contribute to consolidate multilateral coordination, favour a common understating of the phenomena, develop the backbone for future transnational observing system and contribute to the definition of an action plan to address environmental threats.

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environmental threats, regional strategies, state and hazard maps

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