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INnovation in Truffle cultivation, preservAtion, proCessing and wild truffle resources managemenT (DBA.AD002.334)

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Scienze bio-agroalimentari

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Ottimizzazione dell'uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali (DBA.AD002)

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Istituto per i sistemi agricoli e forestali del mediterraneo (ISAFoM)

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Telefono: 3358159808


Truffles are esteemed edible fungi and one of the most valuable non-wood forest products that grow in symbiotic association with their host trees. They are of high economic and social value and their cultivation is of significant interest for the development of rural areas in European countries, but increasingly also in other continents. However, it has been observed a decline of wild truffle production and a heterogeneity in the truffle yields in new plantations, mainly due to the lack of enough knowledge about the ecology and management of the fungi. Accordingly, this MSCA-RISE project aims at establishing a multi-lateral network of research and innovation staff active in sustainable use of both wild and cultivated truffles, including the cultivation, pre-treatment, preservation and processing of the truffles. Particular attention will be paid at issues related to the juridical and normative framework for a traceability legislation for each country involved and to rules on collecting wild truffles in Europe. The research capacities will be strengthened through the exchange of knowledge and expertise on a shared research and training program providing a stronger transnational coop


Establishing a long-lasting network among partners; Training of early stage researchers and skills upgrading of the seconded staff; Sharing of scientific, technical and practical information; Developing common protocols - both at the molecular and morphological level- for truffle and mycorrhiza identification; Developing common protocols for sensorial and instrumental aroma identification on truffles; Spreading the use of truffle and mycorrhiza identification methods; Identifying the most important parameters to be considered for plant certification; Upgrading agronomic practices for truffle cultivation; Developing strategies aimed at counteracting the dramatic decline of truffle production in natural areas; Developing procedures and treatments to prolong post-harvest quality and to preserve the aroma profile
Studying the economic and political structure ruling the private and public markets concerned with truffle production in the Countries where the project takes place. Identifying the legal, property rights and ethical issues concerning the intra-European and international market of the truffles. Drawing-up of normative and quasi-normative instruments (codes of conducts, etc.)

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Truffles: cultivation, truffle molecular identification, truffle wild resources management

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