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Cancer in Heart fAilure: characteriziNg the association with a dual epidemioloGical and Experimental approach (CHANGE Study) - GR-2018-12365661 (DSB.AD008.620)

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Tecnologie Applicate alle Scienze Biomediche (DSB.AD008)

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Istituto di tecnologie biomediche (ITB)

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Growing evidence indicates that patients with heart failure (HF) face an increased risk of developing cancer. If confirmed,
this observation may have important clinical consequences, since superimposed malignancies complicate the management
and worsen the prognosis of pre-existing HF. Moreover, this finding gives support to very recent experimental, showing that
HF promotes cancer growth, purportedly via cardiac secreted proteins. On the other hand, earlier studies convincingly
related events central to HF pathophysiology, such as neurohormonal activation and inflammation, to tumorigenesis,
although in contexts different from HF. This project will investigate cancer incidence according to presence or absence of
HF in the general Italian population, will seek to identify the factors through which HF may promote malignancy by unbiased
proteomics of plasma from both patients and mice with HF, and will explore the role of these factors in cancer mouse


Specific Aim 1:To assess the incidence of cancer in subjects with or without HF at baseline from a community-based Italian cohort.
Specific Aim 2:To systematically compare plasma-derived EV proteins in Italian HF patients, who did not have active tumor at the time of
enrollment in a nation-wide contemporary clinical trial and died or did not die from cancer during follow-up.
Specific Aim 3:
a) To determine whether plasma of mice with HF due to MI, as compared with plasma of control mice, enhances the growth
of BC in two different and complementary mouse models
b) To evaluate whether proteins with levels significantly different between plasma EV from HF patients with vs. without
incident cancer are also specific of plasma EV from mice with HF secondary to MI, and whether they contribute to BC
progression in the mouse models.

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