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MEMCO1 -Development of a membrane condenser for water recovery from humidified waste gas streams in industrial and power facilities (DCM.AD005.040)

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Scienze chimiche e tecnologie dei materiali

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Chimica e materiali per le energie rinnovabili (DCM.AD005)

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Istituto per la tecnologia delle membrane (ITM)

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Telefono: 0984492039


The proposed project is implemented by researchers from the Center of Excellence in Desalination Technology (CEDT) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in collaboration with their counterparts from the Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM)- CNR, Italy and the Membrane Science and Technology Research Center (MSTRC), Nanjing Tech University, China. The main goal of this project is to develop a membrane condenser system for water vapor recovery from flue gas in the industrial facilities. A survey of few reprehensive industrial facilities emitting large quantities of humid flue gas will be undertaken to know characteristics of flue gas and types of foulants and contaminants present. Suitable hollow fiber, flat sheet and ceramic hydrophobized membranes will be supplied by the MSTC and will be tested for membrane condenser application on a membrane condenser prototype to verify their properties and functionality under harsh operation conditions resembling industrial environments. The next step will focus on design and testing of suitable membrane condenser modules and configurations for optimization of the process in terms of water recovery and energy consumption.


Selection and characterization of proper membranes for MC. Designing and testing innovative MC module configuration in addition to treating of one postgraduate student, dissemination of research outcomes in at least two publications and two conference presentations.
A laboratory scale pilot unit of membrane condenser will be designed, fabricated and tested. The obtained data will be used for the economic assessment of the technology and the evaluation of its commercialization potential.

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membrane condenser, Water recovery, Humid flue gas

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