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INNOMEM - Open Innovation Test Bed for nano-enabled Membranes (DCM.AD004.106)

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Scienze chimiche e tecnologie dei materiali

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Chimica verde e processi per la sostenibilità (DCM.AD004)

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Istituto per la tecnologia delle membrane (ITM)

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Telefono: +390984492029


INNOMEM gathers some of the most recognised Membrane departments (>20) in Europe and acknowledged
facilitators of technology transfer, corporate finance, funding and coaching, making available (i) the most promising
and breakthrough manufacturing pilots and (ii) advanced characterization techniques and modelling together with
(iii) non-technical services through this Test Bed: while relevant improvement metrics can be defined, the potential
network of reachable stakeholders counts thousands of businesses on an international scale. Key facts are reported
below. Within the scope of INNOMEM, main different types of membrane materials (polymeric, ceramic, metallic
and nanocomposite), surface modification, membrane morphology and geometry and applications will be covered,
providing for the first time a single entry point for industrial partners, mainly SMEs, aspiring to answer their concerns
but with minimum investment costs and reduction of risks associated with technology transfer, while opening-up
opportunities for demonstration of innovative nanomembranes in real life industrial problems (TRL7) and thus faster
opening the market for these new products.


The main KPIs for INNOMEM:
Technical: 20% Membrane productivity improvement, 30% faster verification, >40% CO2 emissions and energy
consumption reduction.
Non-Technical: 10 Showcases, >15 Democases, >100 reachable SMEs and > 300 reachable investors.
INNOMEM stems from the consideration that the development of products based on advanced membranes and
nanomaterials require access to finance and an optimised business planning, relying on a sound prior analysis of
the market, of the economic impacts and capacity of a company. The project aims at developing and organizing a
sustainable Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) for nano-enabled membranes for different applications. The OITB
will also offer a network of facilities and services through a Single Entry Point (SEP) to companies (inside or outside

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