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iGMPomics - Molecular Profiles for Biomedicine (DSB.AD008.594)

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Scienze biomediche

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Tecnologie Applicate alle Scienze Biomediche (DSB.AD008)

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Istituto di tecnologie biomediche (ITB)

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Telefono: 3316084041


In the recent years, clinical care needs to compose the costs of medical care and the preservation of quality of life. Usually, this apparent contradictory problem is solved by cutting costs and, consequently reducing the quality of care. An alternative way for reducing costs and increasing efficacy of clinical actions can be a selective diagnosis and therapy, using efficient and specific molecular methodologies.In the present project proteomics approaches, mainly those based on gel- and label-free [P Mauri, G Deho, 2008, Methods in enzymology 447, 99-117], will be applied to investigate diseases analyzing human samples, including tissues, circulating cells and biological fluids, mainly urines and exosomes.
In this context , it will be improved experimental and computational methodologies; primary importante will be dedicated to study metabolic pathways and protein-protein interactions, and effects of microbioma of human health.
The main aims include. Biomarker discovery and validation related to specific diseases; characterization of diseases specific endotypes for elucidation of molecular mechanisms and metabolic pathways involved in each disease.


The research strategy is based on investigator-driven and patient-oriented, involving research collaborations between bio-molecular and clinical scientists.
The main objective of the present project is to apply molecular investigations, mainly based on proteomics approach (Clinical Proteomics), for improving the translational research for more selective and effective investigation tools for the prevention, diagnosis and early detection as well as therapy of these diseases. This includes the investigation of molecular mechanisms of diseases.
The operative objectives of clinical proteomics concern:
* protein profiles related to disease-specific conditions, compared to healthy, including characterization of gut microbiome;
* discovery and validation of biomarkers useful for diagnosis and follow-up of therapy;
* characterization of metabolic pathways involved in the investigated diseases,
* elucidation of molecular mechanism (endotypes) related to disease etiology and clinical stratification.

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