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EHRI-PP European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Preparatory Phase (DFM.AD006.167)

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Scienze fisiche e tecnologie della materia

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Infrastrutture di ricerca , strumentazione avanzata e nuove metodologie sperimentali e di calcolo (DFM.AD006)

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Istituto nazionale di ottica (INO)

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Telefono: 05523081


The EHRI-PP project will be carried out by a consortium of 15 partners from 13 countries that have jointly developed EHRI in
the context of two EU-funded Integrating Activities since 2010. The consortium includes the major Holocaust RIs in Europe,
Israel and the United States. EHRI's scientific mission is to overcome the enormous fragmentation of Holocaust archives and
research. It approaches this mission through the development of a pan-European distributed RI that offers virtual and transnational
access to source material, and promotes the exchange of resources, knowledge and expertise across disciplinary
and geographic boundaries. EHRI also plays an important societal role. It ensures that Holocaust commemoration is based
on sound scientific research and informed by authoritative archival sources. EHRI thereby contributes to the development of
open and non-discriminatory societies across Europe.

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research infrastructure, Holocaust

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