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Acoustofluidic DNA Diagnosis Chip (ADD-Health) (DIT.AD010.041)

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Ingegneria, ICT e tecnologie per l'energia e i trasporti

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Biotecnologie (DIT.AD010)

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Istituto di fisica applicata "Nello Carrara" (IFAC)

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Telefono: 055 5226323


The "Acoustofluidic DNA Diagnosis Chip" project aims to develop a novel biomedical device for personalized medicine, which enables the extraction and detection of somatic mutations in EGFR directly from the whole blood. The device relies on the combination of a module for cell-free DNA extraction and purification (DNA-Chip) and on a module for DNA amplification and quantification (PCR-Chip). The DNA-chip (developed by the Chinese party) is a microfluidic chip, which integrates functionalized microbeads with bulk acoustic wave devices to achieve plasma separation and efficient DNA extraction. The PCR-chip (developed by the Italian party) amplifies and detects the cell-free DNA extracted in the DNA-chip. In order to ensure high specificity, fluorescence-based real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) will be implemented. The on-chip PCR module is based on the integration, on a single glass substrate, of thin film heaters and amorphous silicon temperature and light sensors, in order to ensure high sensitivity and miniaturized systems. The integration of the two modules into a portable and miniaturized system leads to an innovative lab-on-chip for molecular diagnosis featuring low cost

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lab-on-chip, DNA analysis, acoustofluidic

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