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Scienze fisiche e tecnologie della materia

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Materiali innovativi (DFM.AD003)

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Istituto per le applicazioni del calcolo "Mauro Picone" (IAC)

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Telefono: 0649270958


NANO-JETS targets the generation of new knowledge in the
fields of engineering of nanomaterials, by investigating in depth electrified jets embedding active molecules,
and by integrating them within new hybrid nanofiber random lasers. NANO-JETS will bring together soft
matter physics, nanofabrication and laser physics and engineering aiming to:
(i) optimally engineering the electrospinning of active nanofibers, by integrated (a) modeling, (b)
fast-imaging characterization of electrified jets, and (c) process engineering;
(ii) obtaining a low-cost random laser by polymer nanofibers by the so-achieved optimized


Computational models provide a useful tool to elucidate the physics of electrospinning and provide information which may be used for the design of new electrospinning experiments. Numerical simulations can also help improving the capability of predicting the role of the key process parameters and exert a better control on the resulting nanofiber structure.

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