High Education, Consultancy Activity and Strengthening of Scientific Relations with Indian partners. International Environmental Law and Policy


Gianfranco Tamburelli, researcher and team leader at Isgi-Cnr, is carrying out high education and consultancy activity at the Adamas University of Kolkata and at the Indian Law Institute of Delhi, with the aim of promoting the strengthening of international scientific cooperation between the CNR, and in particular the Institute for International Legal Research (ISGI), and the two Indian institutions.

In Kolkata, between 9th and 14th March, he delivered a Lectio Magistralis on: 'International Law on Environment and Sustainable Development: The Situation Today', and had a Meeting with students of various Faculties for a discussion on the role of the law and the importance of public awareness for the effective protection of the environment.

The Adamas University, which is a ‘young’ private University (in India only a few years ago a new law enabled the creation of private universities)  also organized a Seminar reserved to Professors and Researchers. Prof. Dr. Madhusudan  Chakraborty, Vice Chancellor of the University, welcomed and introduced Tamburelli, who delivered a speech on: International Scientific Cooperation  between Public and Private Universities and Research Bodies.

Tamburelli had also the chance to illustrate three Isgi-Cnr research projects, respectively those concerning  'Law and International Cooperation for Sustainable Development, the Protection of the Environment and Management of Natural Resources and Space - EU Relations with Eastern Countries and Russia - Human Rights of Asylum Seekers in Italy and Hungary'

On 16th March 2017, Tamburelli will give a talk on: 'Current Trends in International Environmental Law', at the Indian Institute of Law in Delhi, upon invitation of Prof. Manoj Kunar Sinha, Director.

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