Cnr joins the Visiting Fellowship Program of ERC


The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) has sealed a deal with the European Research Council (ERC) to participate in one of its widening initiatives. It's the Visiting Fellowship Program (VFP).  


What is it?

VFP allows researchers to visit an ERC grant holder to spend a period as a visitor fellow. It represents an opportunity for The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) to visit an ERC funded Principal Investigator in order to gain experience and apply, in the future, to an ERC grant.

How to apply?

The program is linked to the Short Term Mobility (STM) program of CNR.

CNR Researchers planning to submit a research proposal to ERC will access the list of the ERC grantees available for hosting a visitor; they can then apply to the CNR Short Term Mobility Grant can and indicate the ERC grantee where they would like to spend the visiting, presenting a dedicated visiting research program.

The selection committee of STM will examine these applications with the aid of scientists with previous experience in ERC evaluations and will select the winning candidates, who will be funded according to the current rules of STM.

What is needed to apply?

  1. an outline of the future proposal to be submitted to one of the ERC calls;
  2. a signed statement of the applicant declaring that he/she will submit a project proposal to an ERC call within three consecutive ERC calls after the end of the VFP;
  3. a letter of support from the ERC grantee and the hosting research institution.

When to apply

The program will be launched with the next CNR STM call, at the beginning of 2022. Official information with full details will be distributed to the CNR network.

Per informazioni:
Cnr - Unità Relazioni Europee e Internazionali (Relazioni Internazionali - Programma Mobilità di Breve Durata)