2nd International One Health Conference

Dal 19/10/2023 ore 09.30 al 20/10/2023 ore 18.30

College of Physicians of Barcelona (CoMB)
Barcelona, Spain

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Since 2021 The International One-Health Conference is gathering the prominent experts  from institutions, academia, international organizations in health and environmental sectors to bring One-Health topics at the center of the scientific discussion.

In the last edition in Catania in 2022, the conference has received more than 40 scientific contributions , involving at least 270 authors from all over the world and high level keynotes .(from WHO, The Lancet Countdown, ISGlobal, ICLEI, CNR).

A key feature of the conference has been always to foster the results at a policy level, producing also Position Papers by the Scientific Committee  that has been brought at ministerial and high level international venues like UNFCCC COP26 and COP27.

This year the core mission and topic of the conference will be  Bridging the gap, from science to policy, from policy to implementation: the idea is to embrace and face the multifaceted dimensions of the One-Health concept, in particular:

- Environmental and Ecosystem Dimension

- Digital Dimension

- Social Dimension

- Econometric/Policy Dimension

- Participative “Leave no-one behind” Dimension

Call for Abstracts is open to collect contribution proposals from researchers, field experts and practitioners who would like to get engaged in the Conference debate and present their work: deadline is August 30th, 2023. Authors are invited to submit their abstract under one of the conference domains. 

The National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) is amongst the Supporting Partners of the event.  

Organizzato da:
LIAA- Università degli Studi di Catania
Metabolism of Cities Living Lab San Diego State University, RIMSA SIMA, KOSMA Observatory, KiN 105 150 Base camp for earthlings´Health, WiseAngle, Movimento Azzurro, ISDE, Plastic FREE, MIND, Campus Biomedico di Roma, SOCSA

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