2nd Meeting Translational research on stroke (with Open Discussions on NIMBLE Results)

Il 25/11/2022 ore 09.00 - 17.25

Aula Magna NIC Careggi Florence, Italy

2nd Meeting Translational research on stroke
2nd Meeting Translational research on stroke

The traditional bench to bedside paradigm for translational stroke research is to take novel discoveries of basic researchers about the mechanisms and consequences of ischemic brain injury and evaluate the potential of these discoveries to enhance clinical stroke diagnostics and therapeutics. Newer approaches to translational research include reverse and lateral translation. With these paradigms, basic researchers are stimulated to improve the understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie a clinically observed phenomenon or treatment effect.

This type of research is critical for the future and involves multidisciplinary teams that need to have productive and insightful ideas and communications.

Organizzato da:
Cnr-Istituto di neuroscienze

Referente organizzativo:
Marzia Baldereschi, Anna Letizia Allegra Mascaro
Cnr-Istituto di neuroscienze

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