OneOceanScience, a digital world tour of ocean and climate science

Dal 11/10/2021 ore 10.00 al 05/11/2021 ore 18.00

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In the last few years, the scientific community, policy-makers, business, and civil society have worked together to raise awareness of the rapid degradation of the ocean. The science has proven that the ocean protects us from climate change, a huge heat store and absorbing around 25% of all CO2 emissions.

Ocean discovery and environmental monitoring are critical to help better understand the ocean and its ecosystems. All over the world, ocean scientists are working together to address both deep disciplinary understanding of ocean processes and solution-oriented research, narrowing the gap between ocean knowledge and decision-making.

In the times that we are living, we understand that without science there is no future. Together we build the knowledge we need to sustain the one ocean that unites us all.

For this reason on 25 October 2021, IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) will be holding the OneOceanScience (https://oneoceanscience.com), digital event in partnership with the IRD (the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development) and the CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research).

This campaign is a world first. It will provide a better understanding of why ocean science is critical for addressing climate change and its impacts.

Institutions from more than 30 countries participate in the initiative, including CNR-ISMAR, which through multiple initiatives (videos, social posts, quizzes, interviews, etc.) will help provide an answer to why marine science is important to predict and address climate change.

CNR-ISMAR has also produced a video focused on the topic: "The future of Venice: high water with a view to a progressive rise in sea level" which will be spread globally.

The goals of this event:

  • Bring together the global ocean science community to create a large-scale unifying movement;
  • Remind the general public of the vital role of ocean science, by connecting ocean scientists with the general public;
  • Create a positive international dynamic centered on the possible solutions thought of and worked on by the scientific community.

Scientists will tell us why ocean science matters, what solutions they work on and how we can all work together (at the regional and global scales) “to ensure that ocean science delivers greater benefits for both the ocean ecosystem and for society”. They will tell us why climate change is a global issue, emphasizing the intrinsic interconnected nature of life on Earth - underscoring the urgent need for sustainably managed marine resources and ecosystems for the benefit of our communities.

The  audience will be able to “meet” scientists and get a glimpse into the world of top scientific organizations and major international oceanographic campaigns.

Furthermore, on 5 November 2021, OneOceanScience will open the Ocean Action Day at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, (COP26- https://ukcop26.org) that will be held in Glasgow from 31October to  12 November 2021.

Starting from 11 October 2021, CNR-ISMAR will publish regular posts on social media providing information on the upcoming activities and inviting the public to interact.

For more information: https://oneoceanscience.com/

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