Cnr-Ircres summer school: Machine learning, Network science and Text mining

Dal 01/07/2019 ore 08.00 al 03/07/2019 ore 13.30

Cnr-Ircres Research Institute on Economic Sustainable Growth, 19, Via dei Taurini, Rome, Italy.

EU-SPRI 2019 is a major European conference focused on actors, instruments, practices, and policies for research and innovation, to pursuing sustainable development goals using the problem-solving approach.

This year, Eu-SPRI summer school is hosted by Cnr-Ircres - Research Institute on Economic Sustainable Growth, and it will take place in Rome, from 1st to 3th July.

There is time until May 1st 2019 to submit the call for the summer school: 'Tools and methods for analysing complex Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) systems: A gentle introduction to Machine Learning (ML), Network Science (NS) and Text Mining (TM)'. The call has just been opened.

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented availability of information on social, economic, and technological phenomena. Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers have nowadays access to huge datasets (the so-called 'Big Data'), at increasing speed and detail.

The new techniques that summer school wants to provide are aiming to meet the increasing need to shed light on relationships among research and innovation actors, to enlarge our understanding of complex socio-technological systems.

Participants will be provided with the essential tools for a correct application of some popular Machine Learning (ML), Network Science (NS) and Text Mining (TM) methods in various STI contexts, aiming to balance theory and applications.

All participants will also run some exercises assigned by the instructor under his supervision.

The course is addressed to senior scientists, early career researchers and PhD students at the last phase of their training, officers from the policy making level, and research associations.

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Antonio Zinilli
Via dei Taurini, Rome, Italy
Send an email to eccrome@ircres.cnr.it with a clear indication of your interest for applying and attach an updated CV. Deadline: May 1st 2019.

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