Relations between Italy, EU and Ukraine: Environmental Protection and Other Priority Issues

Dal 19/05/2017 ore 11.20 al 22/05/2017 ore 13.00

Mariupol State University - Ukraine

from Kiev to Mariupol
from Kiev to Mariupol

Gianfranco Tamburelli, researcher and team leader of the Institute for International Legal Studies (ISGI) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy - expert on International Environmental Law, and Relations between the EU, Ukraine and Russia - is for the second consecutive year in Mariupol (Ukraine).

Friday, May 19, h. 11.20, he will hold a Lectio magistralis on the invitation of the Rector of the Mariupol State University on: 'Current Trends in International Environmental Law' (mainly for the students of the specializations in 'Law' and 'Ecology, Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management').

On Saturday, May 20, at 10:20, he will hold a Lecture on 'The EU Relations with Ukraine' for the students of the specialization 'International Relations'.

These are very important and delicate issues for a city like Mariupol, situated on the north coast of the Sea of Azov, close to the border along which Ukrainian troops and separatist forces oppose and fight. The conflict broken out in the spring of 2013, still unresolved, has in fact devastated the environment and the economy of the entire area.

In this context, the Mariupol State University is intensifying its international relations, and intends to further facilitate the development of collaborations with Italian universities and public research organizations. Therefore, Prof. Anna Skorupska has promoted the organization of some meetings with the Rector and various other professors, including from the chair in international relations and foreign policy, aimed at identifying priority themes for possible joint research and high education activity. It is worth noting that the Italian Institute of Culture of Kyiv, already active in Mariupol and at its State University, is supporting this initiative.

The last Lecture of Tamburelli, scheduled for Monday, May 22 at h. 11.00, in the context of the Festival of Sciences at the University, will be held in Italian on another topic of great interest, especially among young people, that of 'Challenges and Current Issues of the European Union' (it will be addressed in particular, to the students of the specializations 'Italian Language and Literature' and of other specializations in which the Italian language is studied).

Organizzato da:
Mariupol State University
Institute for International Legal Studies (Isgi) of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) - Italian Institute of Culture of Kyiv (Ukraine)

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Gianfranco Tamburelli
CNR - Istituto di studi giuridici internazionali
Via dei Taurini, 19
Istituto studi giuridici internazionali

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