IBRO Kemali School in Neuroscience 2015: "Cannabinoid function in synapses, circuits and brain: from molecules to disease mechanisms"

Dal 28/09/2015 ore 16.00 al 03/10/2015 ore 12.00

Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare del CNR di Pozzuoli

The IBRO-Kemali School provides top-level education in Neuroscience and reinforces the network of collaboration and friendship among young, promising neuroscientists from all the countries of the Mediterranean basin.                                                                                                     

The 2015 IBRO-Kemali School in Neuroscience will be held at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry (ICB) of Pozzuoli under the auspices of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) with the opening remarks by the President of CNR, Prof. Luigi Nicolais.

The School will blend long-held conceptual milestones that provided molecular fundaments for endocannabinoid and synaptic plasticity research with the newest, groundbreaking results in this field. Besides capturing the physiological roles of the endocannabinoids in metabolism and synapse development and physiology, the School will present key insights in synaptic plasticity and human brain function/disease states marked by alterations in neuroplasticity. Pathological processes (i.e. pain, addiction, aging, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases and other neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders) linked to alterations in synaptic plasticity/endocannabinoid signaling will be discussed from multiple levels of analysis (i.e. from molecules to brain), also in view of the widespread recreational abuse as well as the medicinal use of cannabinoid-based preparations. The Faculty will bring together established investigators from various basic science and clinical disciplines, featuring lectures also outside the endocannabinoid field to promote interdisciplinarity and interactions. The School will feature tutorials/hand-on work on advanced neuroimaging tools and techniques.

In the collegial atmosphere of the School, the program will include:

 -  lectures and discussions on new findings and cutting-edge concepts about the endocannabinoid system and synaptic plasticity, with opportunities for informal gatherings during breaks;

-   tutorials and roundtables on professional skills (scientific paper and grant writing, etc.);  

-  hands-on training and tutorials in using: i) ALLEN BRAIN ATLAS resources to understand the mouse brain atlas for the study of gene expression, mouse and human development and neuroanatomy; ii) LEICA high super resolution microscopy applied to cell and brain advanced imaging.

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Luigia Cristino
CNR - Istituto di chimica biomolecolare
Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare- Viale Campi Flegrei, 34

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