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Istituto di linguistica computazionale "Antonio Zampolli" (ILC)


Monica Monachini


The BioLexicon is a large-scale integrated resource designed to contain and manage data from bio-databases, especially geared to information extraction applications. By its very nature, integrates features of both terminologies and lexicons. The lexicon data model has been conceived to be compliant to the Lexical Mark-up Framework ISO standard; its associated data categories, also reflects the ISO Data Category conceptual model available in the ISO Registry. It accommodates data collected from available biomedical sources (e.g. UniProtKb/ Swiss-Prot, ChEBI, BioThesaurus, NCBI taxonomy, etc.) enriched with linguistic entries and lexical semantic properties for terms and events automatically extracted from biomedical texts.

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Terminological / Lexical database

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Lexical Conceptual Resource