Spectroscopy and Data mining: the Cnr-Ifac expertise


Our research group is part of Istituto di fisica applicata "Nello Carrara". Our expertise is in visible and NIR spectroscopy as well as in experimental data mining. Our current activity is in food analysis, but we also collaborated in environmental and industrial applications of optic mesurements.

Infrastructure: Custom instruments for optical spectroscopy in the visible and near-infrared bands (absorption, reflection, fluorescence, Raman), PC-driven and stand-alone, also battery powered, making use of optical fibers and custom probes - mechanical design of all components and 3D printing by high-resolution additive manufacturing.

Knowledge: SW (MATLAB, CAMO-Unscramble, Pyton) for data mining of spectroscopic data (multivariate data processing: PCA, PLS, LDA, etc.).

Expected output: qualitative and quantitative measurements of a set of analytes (multi-analysis) by means of a single spectroscopic measurement and a trained statistical model.

Applications: food, industrial process control – online, real-time, no contact, direct measurements without sample drawing, measuring the sample as it is without any hand processing, no chemistry involved, intrinsically green analytics.

Vision for smart-spectroscopy for citizen science: the camera(s) of mobile devices is intrinsically a light detector and a modest spectrometer for colorimetry. If needed, the spectroscopic resolution can be improved by clip-on optics with diffractive elements, turning a mobile device into a pocket spectrometer. Data processing can be provided by cloud computing, app-driven by citizen themselves.

Per informazioni:
Leonardo Ciaccheri
CNR - Istituto di fisica applicata "Nello Carrara"
Via Madonna del Piano 10, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
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