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E-RIHS is the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science, created to support the research community on heritage interpretation, preservation, documentation, innovation and management. E-RIHS is composed of 14 national nodes across Europe and is coordinated by the National research council of Italy. E-RIHS announces the launch of our new website (, a portal dedicated to connecting the past to the future through science and cultural heritage. E-RIHS aims to support research on heritage interpretation, documentation, preservation, and management in Europe and beyond.

What you will find on the new website:

facilitated exploration: gain access to a world of unique knowledge and resources in the field of heritage science. You can discover the stories behind works of art, historical artefacts and cultural treasures that have shaped the E-RIHS history;

catalogue of services: E-RIHS has bridged the gap between tradition and innovation. You can explore our cutting-edge laboratories, archives and advanced technologies that E-RIHS employs for preserving and studying cultural heritage.

training and knowledge sharing: E-RIHS believes in the sharing of knowledge. You will explore training opportunities and resources to enrich your understanding of heritage science;

global connection: E-RIHS collaborates with researchers, professionals, and institutions worldwide to promote the understanding and preservation of cultural heritage. Discover how you can join E-RIHS in this mission.

To reinforce the E-RIHS identity, mission and vision E-RIHS needs your help!

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