Cnr-Igm and Ifom scientist Dana Branzei wins a Fis grand by Italian Ministry of University and research


Dana Branzei with her research team
Dana Branzei with her research team

Research Director of the "Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza" Institute of Molecular Genetics (Cnr-Igm) in Pavia and of IFOM “DNA Repair” Research Program , Dr. Dana Branzei, has been awarded a prestigious Advanced Grant from the Italian Science Fund of the Ministry of University and Research (FIS 2021). Her project, titled "Replication-associated Cohesion and Recombination," is a beacon of scientific innovation in the ERC Life Sciences sector.

Born in Romania, educated in Japan, and currently based in Italy, Dr. Branzei has proven her outstanding competence and dedication to her research field. Her international journey reflects her global recognition, with her work earning her prestigious awards, such as other two previous ERC grants and memberships, including being an EMBO member.

Dr. Branzei's research primarily focuses on understanding the origins of chromosomal instability in eukaryotic cells following replicative stress and how genome replication is connected to the spatial organization and compaction of DNA in the cell nucleus. This project, funded by the FIS, intends to shed light on the complex pathways of cohesion and recombination, especially on their role in cancer progression.

"I am thrilled to undertake this fundamental project and excited about the potential impact our findings could have on designing more effective cancer therapies," says Dr. Branzei. "Our goal is to comprehend the synergy and compensation that occurs in these pathways, during the cell cycle. This knowledge is crucial in designing potential therapies targeting these processes."

The grant Dr. Branzei has received is part of a highly competitive funding scheme. With a success rate of just 2.5%, only 47 out of 1912 submitted projects were approved. Such a stringent selection process makes Dr. Branzei's achievement a significant testament to the merit of her work and the potential impact her project could have on our understanding of genetic processes and cancer treatment.

Dr. Branzei's exceptional contributions to the field are reflected in her extensive publication record, including papers in prestigious international journals such as Nature Communications and Nature Structure Molecular Biology, Cell, Molecular Cell, PNAS, and Genes and Development.

For more information about the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics 'Adriano Buzzati-Traverso' (Cnr-Igm), IFOM or the Italian Science Fund (ISF), please visit their official websites,, .


About Cnr-Igm - The Institute of Genetics and Biophysics 'Adriano Buzzati-Traverso' (Cnr-Igm) is a leading research institute in Italy. It is dedicated to advancing our understanding of genetics and biophysics and applies its scientific findings to address societal challenges and improve the quality of human life.

About IFOM - Founded in 1998 and supported by AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research, IFOM is an international cancer research institute focused on the study of cancer formation and development at molecular level, with a view to a rapid transfer of results from bench to bedside.ù

About Italian Science Fund (ISF) - The Italian Science Fund is a national agency that promotes and funds high-quality research in Italy. It aims to advance science and its applications for societal benefit, promote technological innovation, and boost Italy's economy and competitiveness on the global stage.




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