PRISM2023 - Nominations are open



Cnr-Ism has begun awarding the Prize of the Istituto di Struttura della Materia (PRISM), aimed at scientists having achieved outstanding breakthroughs in the past five years in the field of Science of Materials. PRISM intends to promote both fundamental and applied research in science and technology of materials, fields in which Cnr-Ism aims to become a leader at the international level.

Two prize categories are awarded each year:

- PRISM Senior for scientists older than 35 years,
- PRISM Junior for those under 35.

The winners will have the possibility to avail of Cnr-Ism expertise and infrastructures for their researches. Furthermore the winners are invited to give a seminar during a workshop, conference or school focused on the Prize's scientific topics. Travel expenses are covered by Cnr-Ism .

The PRISM commission, composed of ex-winners of the prize and research scientists of Cnr-Ism , will evaluate the applications received, and make a ranking list thereby choosing the winners for the two PRISM categories.

Nominations can be made either by filling in the online form at

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