"Tell Me of your waters at home": a photographic and video contest promoted by Cnr


Contest fotografico
Contest fotografico

"Tell Me of your waters at home": a photographic/video contest promoted by Cnr.

An international competition, which is part of the BlueNIGHTs project activities, is open to everyone and is dedicated to water, from the seas that bathe your country to its rivers and lakes, a natural element as a tool of cohesion for distant lands and peoples. Starting from the idea of water in order to express oneself and one's vision, sharing one's connection with this element through a photograph or video. Exploring new forms of communication that can merge experiences, emotions, and information connected to this fundamental resource that is loved, hated, used, exploited and more and more the subject of scientific research.

From the deep sea to the clouds, we are all connected to water, concretely or ideally. With this first edition of the competition, we would like to stimulate a reflection on people's relationship with the most used and best known natural element, often the subject of scientific research, and increasingly rare and precious. By sharing a concept, an image or a dream we would like to discover your way of relating to water, bringing out a current and at the same time creative vision of YOUR water.

Submissions are open until April 30, 2023.

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