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QUANDO Quantum Technologies for Defence with Application to Optronics (DFM.AD002.146)

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Scienze fisiche e tecnologie della materia

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Scienze e tecnologie quantistiche (DFM.AD002)

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Istituto nazionale di ottica (INO)

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Telefono: 05523081
E-mail: francescosaverio.cataliotti@INO.CNR.IT


Quantum sensors exploit non-classical phenomena, such as entanglement, to reach the fundamental measurement limits determined by the laws of physics. They promise to improve current sensor performance by orders of magnitude in terms of precision and accuracy for a wide class of physical quantities, such as magnetic, electric and gravitational fields, times, frequencies, temperatures and pressures. Defence capabilities could be revolutionised by the market availability of Quantum Sensors possibly leading to paradigmatic shifts in the design of future systems.The technological platforms considered for quantum sensors and their potential applications cover such a large spectrum of disciplines and expertise that only a team bringing together research organisations, technology developers, technology integrators, innovative small and medium companies can succeed in providing a complete overview of the state of the art and recognise the most promising Quantum Sensing Technologies (QST) for future take up. QUESTO (QUantum Enabled Sensing Technologies in Optronics) team is carefully structured to cover the entire value chain of innovation.

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Quantum Sensing Technologies, Defence applications

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