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CCI ECV LAKES (da cancellare per errata classificazione) (DTA.AD004.264)

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Scienze del sistema Terra e tecnologie per l'ambiente

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Osservazione della Terra (DTA.AD004)

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Istituto per il rilevamento elettromagnetico dell'ambiente (IREA)

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Telefono: 0223699298


Lakes and enclosed inland seas are integrators of environmental and climatic changes occurring within their contributing basins. The factors driving lake condition vary widely across space and time, and lakes, in turn, play an important role in local and global climate regulation, with positive and negative feedbacks depending on the catchment. As a result, lakes are essential to our understanding of water resource availability and its linkage to climate change.
Lakes have been observed as sentinels of climate change both directly and indirectly through watershed changes. This is because lakes integrate responses over time and are distributed worldwide such that they can capture different aspects of climate change in different geographic locations.

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laghi, telerilevamento, cambiamento climatico

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