An insight into the Italian Advanced Light Microscopy Node


Cnr Institute of biochemistry and cell biology (Ibbc-Cnr) in Naples hosts the Italian Advanced Light Microscopy Node of the Euro-BioImaging (EUBI) european infrastructure, focused on advanced microscopy.

This Node, coordinated by Raman Parashuraman (Cnr-Ibbc), is a large multi-modal, multi-sited Node, comprised of five imaging facilities located in Naples, Genoa, Padua, Florence and Milan. Together the Node sites provide access to a wide range of technologies as well as a complete service package, from sample preparation to final image analysis, quantitation and visualization. The Node also has experience with a wide spectrum of model organisms and systems including mammalian and insect cell culture.

Thanks to the Node’s varied expertise and resources it services hundreds of users a year, from both academia and industry, providing open-access to its imaging services. Since the start of EuBI Interim Operation in May 2016, the Italian Advanced Light Microscopy Node is the second most requested Node with 27% of its users willing to travel internationally to access its facilities. The most requested technologies from this Node include EM, LSCM and CLEM. For a full list of the Node’s technologies and services and to learn how to gain access, please visit the web access portal

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