From polymer synthesis and characterization to 3D-printed devices: The impact of new digital and computing tools


Participants photo
Participants photo

On March 14th 2019, a meeting on the subject 'From polymer synthesis and characterization to 3D-printed devices: The impact of new digital and computing tools' was held in Catania at the Institute for polymers, composites and biomaterials (Ipbc) of National research council (Cnr). 

Participants were teachers from Latvia, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and from I.I.S. 'E. Fermi - F. Eredia' of Catania. Their participation concerned the activities planned and carried out under the Erasmus+ project Digital and media literacy for sustainable life learning, focused on the role and function that digital and media play today in everyone's life.  

The meeting was divided in two parts. First, in the conference room, Dr. Concetto Puglisi gave an overview on Cnr, Ipcb organization and research topics; then, Dr. Domenico Garozzo showed the huge impact of digital technologies on Omics techniques.

The second part of meeting took place in the Ipcb laboratories, where Dr. Filippo Samperi and Dr. Sandro Dattilo described the operating methodologies of instruments necessary to polymer characterization. At the engineering laboratory, Dr. Antonio Grasso explained the rapid prototyping and 3D printing, whereas Dr. Daniela Zampino and Dr. Concetto Puglisi gave the description of tools and devices 3D printed. In addition, a laboratory experiment by using a 3D-printed device, realized ad hoc to determine the strength, fracture and compression parameters of jellies, was carried out by Dr. Paola Rizzarelli and Dr. Marco Rapisardi.

Participants appreciated the initiative both for the enrichment of their knowledge of polymer life cycle and for the description of the informatics advances that allowed faster and easier data processing. Moreover, the formative paths gave them the possibility to knowledge the effectiveness of instrumentations useful either for polymer and biomolecular characterization. In addition, devices for prototypes planning and engineering were also appreciated. At the end of the meeting, group photographs of all participants were took as a memento of the event.    

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