Un libro sulla 'Digital governance of education'


Digital Governance of Education
Digital Governance of Education

Il ricercatore Paolo Landri dell'Istituto di ricerche sulla popolazione e le politiche sociali del Cnr (Cnr-Irpps) di Salerno ha pubblicato, con l'editore inglese Bloomsbury, il nuovo libro: 'Digital governance of education. Technology, standards and europeanization of education'.

Digital governance of education explores the multiple ways in whitch digital technologies are changing the experience of education. With much of contemporary education practice either taking place or being documented digitally, a huge amount of data is constantly being collected and analysed to give sophisticated and up-to-date accounts of education practice in societies.
Such 'datafication' of education, mediated through technology, gives rise to what the author defines as the 'digital governance' of education - a transnational assemblage of people, technologies and policies that increasingly affects how national education systems are organized and managed.

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