NESTORE: a friendly virtual coach for high quality life during aging



Cnr (Ibfm, Unit of Lecco, and Isti, Pisa) is partner of the NESTORE project (Non-intrusive empowering solutions and technologies for older people to retain everyday life activity) recently funded by the H2020 Programme under Strategic Challenge 1 'Health, demographic change and wellbeing' in response to the call on healthy ageing. NESTORE involves 16 partners from 8 European countries.

Technology can play a key role in support of the needs of the ageing population. In this direction, the rapid development of the Ict, and in particular mobile technologies, offers an important opportunity to address the development of integrated solution to support active and healthy ageing. Whilst technology can potentially have a significant impact on health and wellbeing, to date uptake of digital health technologies has been problematic in a number of wide-scale studies. With the aim of overcoming this limitation, we have gathered a multi-disciplinary consortium to develop an integrated solution that, strongly leveraging user participation and co-design as well as state-of-the-art technologies, offers a virtual coach service to elderly people so that they can maintain wellbeing and independence.

Since ageing is a multi-dimensional and multi-directional process, which involves the social, economic, physical, psychological and cognitive spheres, NESTORE has the ambition of addressing wellbeing in a holistic manner taking into consideration several dimensions: physiological status and physical activity behaviour, nutrition, cognitive capabilities, mental and psychological wellbeing, and social interaction.

NESTORE will be a coach, a companion that, as the mythological Nestor, can give advice to older people so that they can maintain their wellbeing and their independence at home, based on experience and on understanding the current situation. The experience of our modern NESTORE is based on well-grounded psychological and behavioural theories jointly with relevant know-how on the ageing process, while the current situation is understood on the basis of a comprehensive sensors’ system able to monitor the different key parameters. An intelligent system, based on a cloud and leveraging Decision Support logics, will deliver “advise and coaching”, which will be offered via the companion, embodied in a smart phone or an intelligent tangible object, according to the user’s preferences and interests.

The Istituto di bioimmagini e fisiologia molecolare will contribute to NESTORE with its competencies of biomedical engineering and exercise physiology, for the development and the validation of the virtual coach with respect to the physiological domain and the physical activity training; the Istituto di scienza e tecnologie dell’informazione, with its WNlab, will contribute to the NESTORE architectural design, the integration of innovative sensors and the development of algorithms for multidimensional data analysis.


Politecnico di Milano (IT) (coordinator)

Flextronics Design SRL (IT)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT)

Fundació Eurecat (ES)

Ropardo SRL (RO)

University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (CH)

University of Barcelona (ES)

Fundació Salut i Envelliment (ES)

AGE Platform Europe AISBL (BE)

Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

La Meridiana Due Società Cooperativa Sociale (IT)

University of Zurich (CH)

Technische Universiteit Delft (NL)

Neosperience SpA (IT)

A. Hogendoorn Management en Advies BV (NL)

Loughborough University (UK)

Per informazioni:
Giovanna Rizzo, Ibfm-Cnr
Filippo Palumbo, Isti-Cnr