Physics, chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences join hands as the CLIMB doctoral network is awarded 3.3 MEUR EU Horizon funding


The EU Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska–Curie Actions Doctoral Network ‘CLIMB’ has been awarded nearly 3.3 M€ following an application coordinated by Yuri Gerelli, researcher at the Institute for Complex Systems of the Italian National Research Council (Cnr-Isc). CLIMB is one of the 128 doctoral networks across to be awarded in the MSCA DN 2023 call and will kick-off in February 2025.

Sustainable bio-inspired materials, antimicrobial resistance, and development of next generation drug carriers have all been recognised by EU and UN as priority research areas in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Addressing these substantial challenges is crucial for enabling a global world population to enjoy a healthier life.

Within the “CLIMB - Complex lipid membranes for science and technology” doctoral network aims to leverage fundamental research on cell membranes to enhance the performance of lipid-based drug carriers and membrane-active drugs. By providing advanced training in lipid systems reconstitution, characterization, and industrial application, CLIMB seeks to empower 12 early-stage researchers to tackle these pressing issues.

Leading experts in the fields of lipid research, physics, chemistry, molecular simulations, and world-leading large-scale facilities for neutron scattering will join forces in an ambitious research and training programme aiming at the development of novel complex lipid-based nanomaterials that mimic the cellular environment and function as high-performance sustainable materials.

CLIMB Doctoral Network comprises 10 academic and 1 non-academic beneficiaries, along with 4 academic and 4 non-academic associated partners from 9 countries. At Cnr, the CLIMB project will be supervised by Yuri Gerelli (coordinator of the project) and by Simona Sennato, both researchers at the Cnr-Isc.

Recruitment for 12 doctoral candidates will begin in spring 2025. 

The MSCA Doctoral Networks aims to train creative, entrepreneurial and innovative doctoral candidates. By equipping researchers with the right combination of research and transferable skills, they prepare them to tackle present and future challenges, translating knowledge into tangible economic and social benefits. With a focus on international mobility and interdisciplinary collaboration, MSCA Doctoral Networks elevate doctoral training in Europe, enhancing career prospects across academic and non-academic domains.

Per informazioni:
Yuri Gerelli
CNR - Istituto dei sistemi complessi
Piazzale Aldo Moro 2, Dipartimento Di Fisica (Ed. Fermi), Sapienza Università di Roma